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More stringent, more honest
And above all, standardised: The new Euro NCAP

Based on the US-American model, a consortium of agencies which includes European automobile clubs, research institutes, consumer organisations, the EU and European governments, has developed a new standard which requires far more stringent crash test conditions.

The new Euro NCAP-Standard specifies a crash test to be performed with a 40% overlap and at a speed of 64 km/h.

As a matter of fact, all major vehicle manufacturers already perform their own crash tests according to the new European standard. This development called for new system solutions in direct glazing repairs, as only 2-component products can meet the challenge of stringent testing requirements combined with the need for acceptable automobile durability.

Safety first – Anticipate tomorrow’s needs today

Car design, more than ever, puts a strong focus on improved safety. The windscreen and other car glass increasingly play the pivotal role in all these developments. Not only does it act as a barrier when the airbag deploys or offer protection against intruding objects, it provides a constructive element for the structural stability and therefore safety of the entire vehicle body shell.

Due to the lack of a European standard, the safety of vehicles previously has been tested according to procedures in compliance with the US standard FMVSS, during which the vehicle is crashed head-on against a stationary barrier at a speed of 50 km/h, in order to determine the drivability after repair.

The analysis of accidents has shown that this kind of crash test only covers a very small percentage of real accidents. Far more accidents result in a partial overlap of the vehicles involved and also happen at higher speed.

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